iPhone 8 release date, name, features and specs: Apple set to go big on iPhone’s 10th anniversary

1It’s early days but it’s also well worth taking a look at the new iPhone for 2017 even though we don’t have the iPhone 7. We think Apple might well be holding back some special things for the iPhone 8 so here’s what you need to know in terms of release date and specs rumours. See also: Best phones 2016.
While you might be excited for the iPhone 7 later this year which may also launch alongside an iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro, there are some reasons why you might want to wait for the iPhone 8.
iPhone 8 release date rumours
We’re not getting to technical with the iPhone 8 release date just yet. It’s not necessarily even going to be called that. However, for now that’s the name we’re using to keep things simple and the iPhone 8 will be the new flagship smartphone for Apple in 2017.
If tradition continues, the iPhone 8 release date will fall around September 2017 which we assume will be a year after the iPhone 7.

However, this isn’t quite as easy to predict as normal. The year 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone launch so we wouldn’t be too surprised if Apple mixed things up a bit because of the landmark.
iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S or something else? What will the iPhone in 2017 be called?
As we’ve mentioned, the iPhone for 2017 is unpredictable because of it being a big anniversary year for Apple.
Following the usual pattern, the iPhone 7 will launch this year and will be followed by the iPhone 7S in 2017. The fact that it’s 10 years since the original iPhone means this could all go out the window. Apple will want to do something special to celebrate the occasion so an ‘S’ model, which usually just brings small tweaks, won’t really suffice.
There are many options including the possibility of another iPhone 6S model this year so the 2017 model is the iPhone 7, or the iPhone 7 does get launched this year then Apple jumps straight to the iPhone 8 next year.
It’s pretty much anyone’s guess at the moment, hence, we’re calling the 2017 model the iPhone 8 at the moment but it’s perfectly plausible that the new phone won’t conform to the traditional naming system at all. The iPhone SE (special edition) is already a thing so perhaps Apple will go with ‘iPhone Pro’, iPhone Anniversary Edition’ or even just ‘iPhone’ – although naming the iPad 3 as ‘the new iPad’ didn’t go down too well.
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